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I remember QUITE WELL Tim, the "Commander Sozo And The Charge Of The Light Brigade" album from PowerDiscs/The Benson Company, released in about 1985. The photo you featured on this lead page's preview of (L-R) lead vocalist Dana Key, bassist Tommy Cathey, tour addition the great Jessy Dixon, power-massive drummer Greg Morrow & the group's entrepreneur brain child Ed DeGarmo, was in heavy rotation at KYMS-FM radio in Santa Ana, CA where I served as announcer/mix board operator (i.e., good ol' fashion DJ!) That poster, the fellas all suited up as "Musical Hero Frontiers" overlooking a very colorful map of the globe, was one of that year's most creative tour promotional ads! Thank YOU ALWAYS, for your very thorough look, simply said...at the CLASSICS!

Anthony Ochoa

Radio Broadcaster



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Happy Birthday, dear Tim! This post is a birthday gift from you to us!

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